Every site is different, but here is a sample of features:

  • Biography: A place where visitors can get to know you.  Your biography shares your story as a writer, your experience, and what inspires you.  Your headshot puts a face to the name.  
  • Your Work: An online showcase of your work could include anything from images of your book's cover, to a story synopsis, to a list of places where readers can find your work. 
  • Contact Form: A customized contact form allows you to categorize and store incoming messages and inquiries--whether from fans, press, or colleagues. 
  • Calendar: An events calendar will keep your readers in the loop.  Post your upcoming book signings, public readings, release dates, and other important events. 
  • Blog: An easily managed blog environment engages your readers on a deeper level. Publish your thoughts, opinions, or general announcements in a user-friendly WordPress content management system. 
  • Social Media: Links to all your social media outlets in one place. At the click of a button, connect your readers to your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other platforms. 
  • Press & Reviews: share press or reviews in one handy place. 

All managed by you with an easy-to-use Wordpress Control Panel.

We provide guidance and expertise at every step of the design and build process.


We manage the latest technology in a way that makes sense. You should be focusing on your content, not the code underneath. Noms de Plume will make that easy for you.
  • We’ll ensure that your new site is compliant with all the latest internet standards.
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly - viewable on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones 
  • User-friendly interface which allows you to easily manage and update your website. 
  • Maintenance packages are available for ongoing technical support once your site is launched. Let us be your IT support team.

Design Highlights


An author's website should provide a modern web presence.

  • Responsive design means the layout adapts to the environment in which you are viewing it, whether from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop.  
  • Photography, illustrations, or customized design elements woven throughout
  • Reflective of your brand
  • Provides clear information about you, the author
  • A simple, clean, and professional layout. 

About Us


Noms de Plume is a web development and internet marketing group specialized in creating dynamic, engaging, and smart websites for authors that are a dream to use and update.



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